Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Trips to the Decheterie

As planned Me, The Boss and her mum and mum-in-law had the bank holiday weekend in Le Buisson.  The first job we needed to tackle was in the attic.  Don't be fooled by the brightness of this picture, it really is quite dingy and extremely dusty up there.  You can really see the height of the roof in this picture we think it's about 18 feet.  We're hoping this might make two bedrooms and a bathroom. We needed to remove everything on that bed.  

We made sure we had masks on for the job ~ apparently The Boss is smiling underneath hers.
On the bed there were several layers of old carpets, mattresses and an old pillow and between the layers an unoccupied mouse nest.  Girly squeals could be heard throughout La Petite Maison as we put it all into a tarpaulin bag.  We tucked another tarp over the top, made it into a big package and threw it down the stairs.
We also found a tied hessian sack with round things inside.  We decided it better not to look, we weren't sure what they were ~ maybe even body parts.  The sack and various bags of rubble were loaded into the Boss' truck and another mattress and the tarpaulin bag strapped to the top.  This was the first of two trips to the decheterie (tip).  
We were greeted at the decheterie by two very jolly men, one wearing hi-viz shorts (!) who proceeded to unload everything for us.
Whilst we were there the Mummies stripped the wallpaper off in the front bedroom...... 
........and carried on tidying the front garden after Chopper's work three weeks ago.
The acacia saplings have already started to shoot after he cut them off.
The next job was to remove the plaster board off the 'bathroom' ~ which is downstairs where our kitchen will be.  The Boss and I had bought our hammers with us and spent the next hour or so bashing away.

When we had finished the light was flooding in through the little window.  We didn't have saws with us, so the framework will be a job for Smiley and Sarge.
We're hoping to make this window bigger and put the kitchen sink underneath it.  Washing up with this view will be much better.
The Boss got up the step ladders ~ she's taller than me ~ and pulled the hardboard down off the kitchen ceiling with more squeals from both of us as dirt, grime and other nasty things came down too.
There was another unoccupied mouse nest on the beam under the hardboard.  All the beams are now exposed.
We made another trip to the tip, although no sign of help this time as it was pelting down with rain.

Some kind farmer has left this hay rake over our front wall, it's going to be a bit harder to get rid of.  It's been there a few years judging by the way the brambles have grown over it, there are old pallets under here as well.
After we had finished the truck needed a sweep out as it was full of dirt and yes, that's my bum.
We packed up our bargain £80.00 tent in which we were staying at a local campsite and made our way home, arriving back at Hertfordshire in the small hours.

We're hoping to make one more trip over before the winter, I'll let you know.


  1. You never know the hay rake might come in useful sometime! Rains in France as well then? dojogan

  2. There's a sculptor who buys old farm machinery to use in her work who lives the other side of La Clayette. I'll take you there (or direct you) next time. Sooooo glad we are finally neighbours and me and M will certainly get involved along the way. Congratulations and welcome Jx

  3. What an adventure....and that truck is worth it's weight in gold for trips to the decheterie...I am loving your tales. Very impressed with the way you just take hammers to things, I am not that brave!

  4. Really jealous - I'm sure I need to move 500 miles further south than Welshpool. I have a friend who owns a house in the tiny hamlet of Frecy, commune d'Oye, she and her husband spend 6 months a year there. When we visited last year we went to La Clayette, so I shall be following your adventures, as I follow your other blog. I was a primary teacher until 2008, now retired. Jean

    1. HI Jean!

      It's a small world. Next time you're in Frecy pop over and say hello! Sadly we won't be spending 6 months there at a time!


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