Thursday, 7 August 2014

May 2014

Another working party travels down to Burgundy.  This time we are The Boss, Clicky Needles, Smiley and Smiley's Dad, newly retired with time on his hands.

We were luckily able to stay at Friend J's gite Les Cresiers for a few days before the next guests arrived.  After a hard day's driving, a lovely glass of Crement (champagne) enjoyed on the back of the truck.
We admired the lovely iris'..
....and Peonies in J's garden.
The next day work starts in earnest ~ no rest for the wicked. 
We were greeted by our new temporary step, made by The Lovely Roofer S.  Much safer than before, and as promised he had dug the soil out and cemented underneath.
 We had thought we might leave the ceiling on the first floor bedroom and bathroom, just punch through to find the beams and attach the hangers for the new ceiling below, but the nastiness and mouse nests would still be there.  They needed to come down.  Smiley and his Dad set to work.
The Boss and me tackled the roots of the Acacia Trees that had stood in the garden.  This is how it looked in 2010.   The main tree had already been taken out by our Friend M and his chainsaw, but it's fighting  back.
All the saplings you can see here we also chopped off by our son, Chopper, but they too, were still living.
 There was nothing for it but to dig the roots out.  They are the nastiest things.  Not only do they run from the main stump under and over the other roots, they also seed easily, doubly difficult to deal with.
We had our job cut out for us.  The roots were like pre-historic snakes.  We dug as much as we could, sometimes giving up and snipping them off with loppers.   It was hard work.
The plumber turned up to put in our water and copper pipes.  We were greatly cheered.
He had all sorts of exciting equipment.....
...waste pipes.......
............pipe bender and a radio, played at loud volume.  We kept out his way as much as possible, but did unplug the radio to make cups of tea.
As Smiley and his Dad knocked down the lathes from the ceilings we burnt them over the main Acacia stump hoping a fire would have some effect.
After a hard day's work we returned to the gite for a hot shower and bottle of something or two.  Grey clouds were gathering, and sure enough we had lots of rain.
The next morning the view from our front garden was a bit misty.
Plumbing things were happening.  This may just look like a hole to you, but the excitement of having a hole drilled into our newly laid floor, so that a waste down pipe can go into was almost too much.
Look the bath will go here!
The owner of 41 and 42 popped by to give them some water.
He said he knew the old farmer who owned the hay rake and that he would come with his tractor to take it away.  The old farmer wanted it back.  We didn't ask why it was there.  It looks like someone has been helping themselves to the tines, there were more.
The Boss and me carried on in the garden.  The roots were pesky, and the old fork lost two prongs.
The boys carried on with the ceilings, we wrapped up the chimney so it didn't get damaged.  
It was a really nasty job.
But worth doing.
We took two loads of plaster to the dechetterie (tip).  The dust covered everyone and everything there.
 The plumber meanwhile was working miracles.
 Hot and cold pipes.  Hooray!

Our time to leave was on us.  The plumber plumbed on.  When we're back there should be a hot water tank and water in the pipes.
Happy Days.

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