Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Acacia Finally Goes


We've received an exciting email this week from J and M with some photos attached.
M has been at it with his chainsaw again and the acacia tree has gone.
It is probable however, that it will shoot from the stump so we're not celebrating fully yet but doesn't it look great?
The observant amongst you will notice a post box as well.  This is a housewarming gift from J and M ~ thanks so much to them.  All houses have to have a regulation post box in France and now La Petite Maison has one too.  It's looking more and more loved.
Do you remember? This was July 2012!
 You can see the neighbouring house has been painted white.  La Petite Maison has dull render on it with a really yellow stone around the windows and some patches of grey cement where holes have been filled over the years.  Initially we thought we'd paint white as well, but on subsequent visits the slightly shabby look has grown on us and we'll probably leave it as it is, showing it's one hundred year old heritage.

Hopefully by the end of November we'll have water to the front gate as it's not attached to the mains at the moment.  

When will the excitement end?


  1. Certainly looks better - and a post box toooooo. Looking more lived in (!!!) I agree with the colour, if you start painting white you have to keep it up as white. I think "au naturelle" is the phrase? Might not be spelt right.

  2. My what is like Sleeping Beauty's castle after the 100year sleep, now waking up! Fiona


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