Sunday, 17 February 2013

Il a Neigé!


February Half Term has seen me and The Boss travel over to La Petite Maison.
We arose at 3.00am in order to leave Hertfordshire at 4.00am to catch the 5.50am train.  Fuelled by Peppermint Cremes and Wine Gums, we managed to board by the skin of our teeth, the last car on the train. 

An uneventful journey was suddenly interrupted by snow.  Snow!  We hadn't come for that!
We arrived in Montmelard mid-afternoon and the valley was  looking beautiful.
We were staying with our lovely friend J at Les Cerisiers across the valley.

We had no time to reflect however, as we were meeting with the first of a tranche of builders, plumbers, electricians and roofers.

Exciting things have happened at La Petite Maison.
We have been connected to the water mains and the hamlet now has it's very own water hydrant. 
Our supply is under the concrete slab, it has yet to be carried on to the house.
The other piece of exciting news being that our planning permission has been granted for Velux windows in the attic and increasing the size of the small kitchen window.  We had to sign the granted permission forms at the Mayor's office.

The house was looking snug under the snow.
The orchard at Les Cerisiers was looking lovely too.
We had a super 5 days there and now we await the tradesmen's quotes.

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  1. Glad you got on the train ok - someone has to be last! Snow in France - urr it's bad enough here don't expect it in France - still should be a lot warmer when you go next time. dojo x


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