Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Few Days At La Petite Maison

Des Bons Amis have made another trip over to La Petite Maison to carry out a bit of work on the house and see what the builder has been up to.

We had our usual 2.30am arising time and caught the 5.50am train.
Half an hour later we arrived in France.
As we arrived the sun came up....
...and we saw a cloud that looked like a tap.
The French countryside whizzed by and we saw familiar landmarks.
A few hours in we stopped for a coffee......
....and a driver change.  We operate a boys in the front, girls in the back, girls in the front, boys in the back rule.  This works really well, mainly as the girls have a jolly good natter where as the boys, not so much.

This time we took a set of ladders strapped to the top of the Boss and Smiley's truck.
They were well fastened and didn't move once!
Suddenly the sunshine disappeared into fog,
and things looked a bit gloomier.
As always, we had Peppermint Cremes and Wine Gums to keep us going.  (And if I'm honest, lots of other food too.)
We paid the tolls.
Kept right to Lyon.
And before too long we were seeing the Cremants (champagne) de Bourgogne wineries.  

Nearly there!
When we arrived there was great excitement at La Petite Maison.  
More on that tomorrow.


  1. Good to see the journey makes it seem closer. Waiting to see the house now. Mum x

  2. Hi there, I left a little note on your other blog about the Christmas decoration swap? Just wondering if you would still like to take part. If you are, could you contact Hannapat at Cosmos and Cotton blog as she is your swap partner? If you are no longer able to participate in the swap would you leave a little message on my blog to let me know please? Thanks!
    Marianne x


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