Saturday, 29 March 2014

November Trip

As we drove up to the house we could see a flashing lights and a flurry of hi-viz.  The council workmen were hooking La Petite Maison up to mains drainage.
There was much activity and beeping.
We were invited to look into aforementioned drain.  Looks very nice.
The workmen had excavated several very large rocks.
It seems that wherever you are in the world, boys like their heavy plant machinery. 

As soon as we got to the threshold, things were looking different.  A big hole had appeared at the front door and hopeful looking wires were sticking out.
The whole of the ground floor now has a waterproof membrane, insulation and concrete. 
The kitchen has electrics ~ well, cables and there are pipes for the plumbing.
We have a 'safe socket' installed for the builders to use.
The kitchen window has been made bigger.

And we have a new view.
A trip to the local Brico Depot in Macon was needed.
The members of staff were very patient with us and extremely helpful ~ although they exchanged knowing looks with each other when we approached.  We bought some metal stud work to build the bathroom in the attic. .....
......and a new window and shutter to go in the hole in the kitchen wall.
When we got back the boys set about making the stud walls for the attic bathroom and the girls painted the pink and blue kitchen combo to all white.
Unfortunately the stonework around the bracket holding on the bathroom shutter has broken.  We tried to 'stick' it back together with mastic but the weather was too cold for it to set firm, so we had to leave the shutter off.
 We also removed the 'wall' under the stairs into the attic.  This is where the boiler will be.
We had hoped to have a bonfire a burn all the brash in the front garden but the weather was too damp and cold for that.
Before we knew it, time to go.  
I think there is always something interesting to see on a motorway.
This journey included a tram.
Lorries driving the wrong way ~ these always make me laugh.
One of our landmarks, large green ball.
Mining slag heap?  Not sure what these are but there are quite a few in one area.
Of course, this being France we have found that all roads lead to Paris, no matter what direction you are travelling in.
A quick 'comfort break'
and a leap around to wake up those legs.
Before we knew it we were back at Calais.
And then back to congested England.

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