Thursday, 10 April 2014

February and March

February and our neighbour, S, the very nice roofer, strips off the old tiles.  He is reusing everything he can, the ridge will be replaced.   He's promised us a good job 'Because if I do a bad job, I will see it everyday and it will annoy me.'  Sounds fair enough.
This photo was sent by our friends J and M.  Much excitement back in Angleterre.
We ask S to take the TV ariel off the chimney as we don't need it.  The chimney comes too.
A few days later another picture arrives.  The Velux in the front is in, the tiles back on.
Two new Velux  in the back.
Mid-March and The Boss and Smiley pop out for a few days.  S the very nice roofer, had put our kitchen window in.  We have a view!  (The bit down the middle is the frame.)
The locals turned up to have a look.

The new roof has a plastic membrane.  The velux fits under the oak beam.  Smiley admires the view up to Le Mont St-Cyr.

And from the bathroom in the back.
The builder has filled in the gaps under the eaves and brought the height of the wall up under the eaves.  Unfortunately some builder's boot sized holes appeared in the attic floor.  New floor laid by friend M and a big bonfire of wormy floor boards.
The bathroom framework had to come down.  Floor looks good though.  We've even got a new hatch.
The Boss and Smiley went to Gedimat ~ diy store ~ to buy some bits.  They discovered that for the princely sum of €11 you can hire a van to bring the bits back.  
S, the very nice roofer had a bonfire in the front garden and took lots of rubbish for the tip for us.
The electrician has now done as much as he can, we need to start putting up plasterboard before he can proceed.
The Boss has painted the first floor bedroom.  The plan is to get the bedroom and bathroom ~ loo, shower ~ useable so we can stay in the house on subsequent visits.
The Boss put her 80 year old mum to work clearing the back garden.
Not bad.

La Petite Maison, with new roof but minus chimney.
Me, The Sarg and Smiley are now going out for a week, there will be a delivery of plasterboard, insulation and timber when we get there.  We've got our gloves ready.
Wish us luck!

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  1. Soooo much better. Well done. Roll on the summer.. xx


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